Wednesday, 11 February 2015

World's Most Expensive flash drive

Some usb flash drive are expensive because they has a bigger capacity like up to 1 TB (terabyte) or more. However, this mushroom-shaped flash drive is sold very expensive because it has a layer made of diamonds and other jewelry stones.

In fact, this usb flash drive crowned the most expensive in the world. As quoted Today In Tech, this flash drive is released by Swiss's luxury jewelry
manufacturer, La Maison Shawish, the name is Magic Mushroom USB. Although this storage device only has a capacity of 32 GB, this unique usb flash drive sale based the color with the highest price 37 thousand US dollars (or the equivalent about USD 339 million).

This usb flash drive is available in three different colors with different prices, ie, pink, red, and green. Version decorated pink pink sapphires and white diamonds priced at 16,500 US dollars (USD 151.4 million), while the version with decorative red rubies and white diamonds priced at 24 thousand US dollars (USD 220 million). And, the most expensive version of the green emerald stone decorated priced 37 thousand dollars. According to La Maison Shawish, mushroom design is inspired by the novel Alice In Wonderland.

The company believe, "unify" the classic novel with something modern like the flash will be profitable.

Anyone interested in buying ???

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